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Winter Restyled with Women’s Down Coats in Canada

It’s winter in Canada. You know the scene – the wind is blowing and the temperatures are dropping. Snow is falling and it looks like it may never stop! Many Canadians dread the winter months and spend most of it hiding underneath the blankets. Out come the oversized jackets that lack lustre and style. Some even lack protection against the warmth! Every year more and more women are choosing to embrace winter’s beauty in style and putting their comfort first with affordable down-filled jackets.

Canadian made women’s down coats are made from premium materials. The best down women’s down coats use duck feathers, to provide top-notch insulation with their “fluffiness,” or fill power. This fluffiness creates small air pockets in the jacket’s lining, and traps warm air inside the jacket, keeping you toasty warm on those cold winter nights. Some outerwear manufacturers will boast their non-down-filled jackets are light weight and perform better in wet conditions. This may have been true, once upon a time. Quality women’s down coats sold in Canada today waterproof the jacket’s down by using a polymer coating. This boosts the down’s performance – no longer will you have to wait for your winter coat to dry out!

Your winter coat doesn’t have to be all about function, it can be about style first and foremost! Down retains its shape longer than synthetic fillers. This means the jacket won’t flatten overtime, maintaining its style for years to come. It shouldn’t be an annual event shopping around for women’s down coats. In Canada, women can invest in a coat built to last.

Ounce for ounce, natural down outperforms synthetic materials when handling the bitter Canadian cold. Slip into a down coat this winter and embrace the natural beauty of a Canadian winter instead of hiding away under blankets until the spring comes!
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Dressing for winter in Canada doesn’t mean you have to compromise your commitment to style! Canada has a reputation for biting cold winds, frosty temperatures and high snow falls. They don’t call it The Great White North for nothing! Bulky winter coats filled with synthetic lining materials lose their shape after time and offer lack lustre insulation against that wind chill factor. Women’s down coats are made for winter in Canada and are accessible no matter what community you live in when you shop with a Canadian retailer offering free shipping from coast to coast.

Outerwear companies using natural down materials to line women’s coats can offer an affordable and stylish selection using luxury materials such as duck down for insulation and coyote fur for hood trim. The best down coats for women in Canada are made with duck feathers – an affordable and readily available material. The effective properties of duck feathers hold warm air within the coat. This provides a protective shield against raging winter weather to whomever puts it on! No longer do you have to hide away in the winter months to stay warm. Slip on a Canadian-made down jacket to enjoy fun winter activities like snow shoeing, skiing and skating with the family. Put on the same beautiful jacket for a night on the town with friends. Who needs to look at the wind-chill rating when you have a luxury fashion piece designed for life in the land of the free.

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